The Top 10 Wild Camping Apps for Scotland

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert camper, wild camping apps can be a reliable companion every step of the way, especially given Scotland’s numerous remote yet stunning natural beauties. These tools provide insights into where to go, how to get there, and even what to do while exploring the area.

We have listed in this article the top 10 apps for wild campers according to the degree of usefulness and convenience they provide. Each selection has features that will simplify your search, keep you safe and well-informed during the trip, or allow you to share your experiences afterwards with fellow camping enthusiasts.

1) park4night

This app is an indispensable tool for most campers, particularly those who want to try wild camping in Scotland in a motorhome. At its core, park4night consolidates parking information shared by people who have been to a specific location.

Browsing through its database will give you several suggestions on where to stay, whether you’re looking for free options or paid ones that offer spectacular views.

Many travellers rely on this app during the planning stages of the trip. For example, park4night can help determine the right stops for your itinerary. Since the app receives constant updates from its users, you can also use it during certain emergencies, such as sudden bad weather or mechanical issues.

2) StayFree

StayFree sets itself apart from the crowd by allowing users to limit the sharing of camping information to only their friends in the app. While that may sound counterintuitive, this feature provides peace of mind to users who want to protect the wild camping spots in Scotland from the harmful effects of overcrowding.

We also like the app’s simple yet intuitive interface. You can use the filters or check the curated lists of recommended destinations from other community members. It also has a travel tracker so that you can quickly look back and recall key information about your previous outdoor adventures.

3) Siteseeker

If you’re a member of The Camping and Caravanning Club—or considering being part of it—this may be the best wild camping app for you. It serves as a search tool for the Club’s extensive catalogue of campsites detailing their location, photos, distance, amenities, and facilities. The Siteseeker Campsite app also indicates the prices for each and how to book your preferred campsite.

Further, club members receive exclusive access to over 1,500 Certificated Sites all over the UK. Despite the wide range of options, finding the ideal spot through the interactive map makes it easier to visualize your route while planning the trip or to find your way around the Scottish Highlands.

4) Sites UK

This iOS app functions like an online directory of the various campsites in the UK. You can sort and filter the search results by name, postcode, county or popularity among the users. It also identifies which locations have parking spaces for motorhomes.

To learn more about each option, tap your preferred campsite to see its profile in the app. You will see a general overview of the place, such as the address and facilities, as well as a link to the official website of the campsite, if available. You cannot use Sites UK to book, but it hastens the search process without charging you an extra fee to access its database.

5) searchforsites

Searchforsites packs comprehensive information about over 31,000 campsites and stopovers for travellers and their motorhomes. Many consider it their top app for wild camping in Scotland because it classifies which areas suit their vehicles, provides weather forecasts and allows offline access to its downloadable maps.

We particularly like how it gives the Satnav quick search ID, which we can use to navigate better on Apple Maps or Google Maps.

The app allows users to leave reviews and photos of the listed campsites. It also vets the information users share if certain aspects have changed—for instance, the booking price, availability, or amenities to be expected.

6) Campmate app

From the team behind, the Campmate app aims to bring a more convenient approach to finding or booking your dream campsite in the UK. This free iOS app features multiple filters that go beyond the typical. For example, if you want to go fishing in Scotland, you can use Campmate to find camping spots near a specific loch or river. You may also use it to filter only the campsites that welcome anglers, too.

Each campsite in the app has a dedicated page containing pertinent details, HD photos, and directions. You can mark it as one of your favourites if you have already been there or bookmark it for further inspection later. But if you are keen to go as soon as possible, Campmate can also be used to make enquiries to the campsite owner through call or message.

7) Pitchup

This award-winning app offers easy access to more than 3,700 campsites, caravan parks, and glamping destinations in the UK, other European countries, and the USA. It used to be downloadable through the app stores, but its developers streamlined it to be a faster and more comprehensive web-based app.

Travellers wishing to bring their motorhomes to explore Scotland will find this app useful. Pitchup can provide info on the nearest locations where you park your vehicle, recharge it, or stay overnight. It also features reviews from fellow campers and a list of things to do while you are in the area.

8) AA Caravanning and Camping Guide app

We recommend this app from The Automobile Association (AA), especially for first-time wild campers in Scotland. AA professionals inspected all of its listed campsites and caravan sites. That means you can rest assured that the location is well-suited to accommodate your vehicle and whatever you need to recharge or resupply during the trip.

Like many of its contemporaries, the AA app has helpful search tools to help you narrow your choices, whether you want to try canoeing in Scotland or drive through the NC500. The campsite page also indicates the contact numbers, website, and pricing so you can book immediately.

9) WikiCamps UK

The WikiCamps UK app aspires to cover everything a motorhome camper might need before, during, and even after the trip. It is one of the few apps offering a trip planner and a camping essentials checklist. Its maps can be used online or offline and for navigating with Apple Maps or Google Maps.

If you’ve got a specific experience you want out of your nature expedition in Scotland, you can use its wide array of filters to find campsites that match your needs and preferences. You can also ask questions or share your thoughts with other users through the in-app forum.

10) Campercontact

The Campercontact is designed explicitly with motorhome campers in mind. It is a community-driven app that provides valuable information about over 38,000 RV-friendly locations, such as the address, pricing, facilities, and plenty of high-resolution photos.

Aside from its search and filter functions, Campercontact also indicates the GPS coordinates of each recommended site. Everyone is also encouraged to give other campers feedback about their experiences or tips. If you’re willing to pay for a monthly subscription, the pro version will also allow you to save your favourite motorhome campsites in Scotland and access the app even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

FAQs about the best wild camping apps for Scotland

How much is the Park4Night app?

You can download the Park4Night app for free, regardless if you are an iOS or Android user. However, users who dislike seeing ads or want to unlock its premium features can pay for a subscription instead. It costs Є2.49 per month, but you can save more by purchasing a yearly subscription that costs Є9.99 at the time of writing.

What is the 2 2 2 rule for camping?

This RV camping rule helps maintain safety, lengthens the vehicle’s life, and reminds you to enjoy the view. It will limit your mileage to no more than 200 miles (321.869 kilometres). You must stop every two hours to give your RV a break.

The rule also encourages campers to stay in one location for two nights. Other variations of this rule urge travellers to arrive at the overnight camping destination by 2:00 pm. Doing so will give you ample time to set things up before sunset.

What is the 56 camping day rule?

This rule was established to boost tourism which took a massive hit during the peak of the global pandemic. It grants landowners 56-day camping rights, thus allowing them to generate extra income from travellers searching for temporary campsites or glamping destinations.

Without this rule, the owners must secure a camping licence and planning permission first. It should also be noted that it does not apply to caravan sites or any land outside England.

Plan Your Dream Wild Camping Trip Now

While some may argue that the point of camping is to detach yourself from the screens, we can’t totally discount the usefulness of camping apps in ensuring a safe and enjoyable outdoor adventure. The key, therefore, is to pick a companion app that enhances the experience rather than distracts you from being in the moment.

Our list of the top 10 wild camping apps in this article can be a fantastic candidate for anyone who wishes to explore Scotland. Each recommendation offers various tools to help you identify where to camp, while others go the extra mile by providing additional features for a small fee. Feel free to try these apps to plan and prepare for your next camping adventure in Scotland.

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